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Huntress Moon Issue

ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Huntress Moon

With the Huntress Full Moon in the air and our next issue of ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising unleashing today it is hard to not get excited and want to dive into self-love while diving deep into our transformative process at this time. 

I think it's safe to say we have all been feeling this month's energetic shifts and personal growth.

This beautiful issue has so much raw knowledge and authentic heart in it. I am always in awe of the amazing women who contribute their heart to my vision and I am forever grateful. 

If one or more of these topics hit a heart string, I would def pick up your copy today. If they all call to you then Sister dive deep into the 13 moon cycle subscription. 

~ Sacred Groves & Sacred Pace with Huntress Moon Rising Asha V CroggonWholeHearted Changemakers

~Creatrix's Alana Rae ArtKarina Lafayette and Stephanie Chinn

~Being Cared For By Nature By Juliane Nowe

~Soul Voice By Megan Moreau

~ How I Cultivated Self-Worth In The Face Of Fertility Changes By Jodi Sky Rogers

~ Coming Out Of The Shame Closet - A Love Letter By Martha Lluch

~ 3 Ways To Work Your Magic Like A Goddess By Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

~ Wise Woman By Rebecca Ann Wilson

~ Your Astrology By Maria Jones

These powerful women come baring their souls, their life stories and gifts. 

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