30 Day Self-Love Challenge


30 Day Self-Love Challenge

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Welcome to a sacred ritual of learning to love yourself up consistently, within a group of soul sisters all on the same journey.

When I learned how to consistently show up for myself on a daily basis and give myself what I needed, my life changed.

So I am sharing this with you.

This program is for you if:

~ You desire to fully show up for yourself.

~ You want to learn how to give to yourself and build your self-love.

~ You want to develop a consistent ritual of giving to yourself.

~ You love the energy of a collective group of women empowering each. other and sharing their journey.

~ You are ready to say YES! to give yourself what you need.

~ You desire to have support along your journey.

~You are willing and ready to do the work.

I will be present supporting you on your journey within the group. With a weekly check-in to see if you desire any support.