Warrior 1:1 Work


Warrior 1:1 Work

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It's time to go deeper dear one. To unlock the secrets of what has been blocking you from everything you desire to have in your life. To find the ways you have been blocking yourself from Love. To open up your capacity to receive and to fully step into your power. Are you ready for this journey?

We will embark on a 4 week journey together of unleashing your inner power, stepping into your full goddess energy and healing your wounds you still carry with you.

Your Investment

  • Four 1:1 Video calls to dive deep into your temple.
  • Weekly Inner Warrior Work to dive deep into shadow and your wounds.
  • Weekly follow-up calls for support.
  • Daily support when needed for anything that comes up for you.
  • Weekly Affirmations to help shift your mindset
  • A Self-Love ritual to help open up your receiving and get reconnected to yourself
  • Goddess Meditations to help you connect to your inner goddess energy
  • Tools to help you get through a trigger, heal abandonment issues and re-balance yourself and your energy
  • A life transformation at the core with daily rituals that put it all into action