Who are these prints for?

~As a gift, for someone in your life that is recovering from any form of trauma, illness, or just learning how to love themselves.

~You want to celebrate your own journey of coming home to yourself. 

~ You want to create some healing vibes in your space, or you just feel called to a print.


What Fuels My Fire

Wildcats are the Fierce Feminine, our Warrior Nature and Authentic Strength at our core.

Orchid are the Divine Feminine, in all its beauty and uniqueness, with it's exotic nature, and over 35,000 different types. It's vulnerability, yet amazing ability to be so adaptable, and live almost anywhere in the world. as well as It's medicinal uses to help heal us.

Black and White is Balance, the Divine Masculine and Feminine Supporting Each Other. Both Light and Shadow, that all of us carry.


I have the Fine Art Prints mounted on Metal or etched in the Metal, which gives is a more holographic feel and shine.

I am in love with metal. It's sophisticated, modern and sexy but it also strong. It doesn’t need much tending and can withstand extreme conditions. Even just the way it stands on its out without needing a frame. Its simplicity.

Metals are said to have healing properties that protect you from negative energy, and psychic attacks.

Aluminum-an invisibility shield against darkness

Titanium-a metal that helps you attain freedom from your fears

Platinum– more than just a precious metal, it’s protective and healing

Prints Sold Internationally!