The Projecting Empath

The Projecting Empath


Empathy is definitely important and has its place on the planet but something I wanted to bring to awareness is too often you will see articles about how gifted you are and special because you are an empath and how we become victims of attracting narcissist etc.

Both which are ego and victim mentality. Nothing happens to us, it happens for us, as a direct reflection of how we vibrate at the core, the beliefs we hold and what we expect. When things still need to heal we attract situations to allow that to happen.


Being an empath doesn't make you special, it is a part of our nature that some are just in tuned with because we live in a world full of distractions and we are not taught to pay attention to what goes on inside of us. 


All too often I have experienced an empathic person projecting their feelings onto me instead of allowing me to feel my own feelings, thinking they knew how I felt but really it's just how they would feel in that situation.  


As an empath have you ever done this to anyone? Do you honor where someone else is at without trying to know or guess how they feel? 

What are your thoughts on the matter? 🙏✨ 


Much Love & Aloha


If you haven't watched my Collective Fierce Feminine Rising Card Reading, click the video below. ✨🏹 

4 Ways To Break The Habit Of Over-giving ~ Beyouty Revolution

4 Ways To Break The Habit Of Over-giving ~ Beyouty Revolution


Over-giving was a natural way to be when I was growing up. I was totally oblivious to the fact that there even was such a thing, until I got older and started to realize a lot of my friendships and relationships were one sided and I was feeling depleted and under-appreciated.  

I had to really sit down with myself and look at the life I had created around myself and where it steamed from.

I know the majority of us being emphatic deal with the issue of over-giving. So I wanted to share a few tips with you that have helped me along my journey.  Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself. 


1~ Are you filling up before you flow out? Or are you giving on an empty tank? Anytime we give from a place of depletion, we are over-giving. 


2~ What is your WHY behind your giving? Get clear on your intentions of why you over-give. Is it coming from a genuine place of love or a place of wanted to be loved? 


3~ When you give to this certain person, company, charity or situation do you feel Full or empty afterwards?  Does it feel like a balanced exchange.


4~ Am I giving as a way to not fully receive? Sometimes we over-give to mask over the fact that we are actually just not fully receiving in our own life. 


Much Love & Aloha


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Let Self-Love Be Your WHY ~ Beyouty Revolution

Let Self-Love Be Your WHY ~ Beyouty Revolution


As humans we all have this deep seeded drive within us that fuels our fire and creates the desire for us to do the things we do.

Are you connected with what that is for you? Do you know your WHY behind the things that make you get out of bed every day and want to do good work in the world?

I don't know about you but when I was younger my pain, past and present were what fueled me. The things that were happening to me were actually happening for me. As things shifted on my self-love journey, I decided to let my story go. I gave myself permission to let self-love be enough to fuel me and not to hang on to past pain out of fear that I wouldn't have the same drive and determination without it.

After all, who would I be without my story?

Well, I became even more authentically who I was. It gave me permission to step into my highest self and full potential, without having old beliefs and stories hold me back.

So today I let self-love be my WHY behind my actions and what I do every day.

What will you choose Sister?

Much Love & Aloha


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"It was her heart that set a blaze, It would not let her give up standing face to face with her shadows." ~ Beyouty Revolution

"It was her heart that set a blaze, It would not let her give up standing face to face with her shadows." ~ Beyouty Revolution

Don’t ever underestimate the power you hold within to heal yourself.
— Beyouty Revolution

We all hold to key to unlocking exactly what we need and desire. The path sets fire as we choose to walk in our authenticity and call ourselves out when something needs to heal.

You are already equipped warrioress. The trick is to trust yourself, here and now in this very moment, that you have enough and are enough. Your story helped build you but won't define you.

Facing our shadows is a part of the healing journey but also part of the journey. None of us escape not having inner work to do. It's when we deny wanting to look at our shadow, that pain, guilt and shame creep up. When we own all of who we are, our life shifts into a higher vibration of love, compassion, understanding and we see the reason behind things happening. Maybe not right away but in perfect timing.

So grab your sword fierce feminine goddess and slay your inner demons and become friends with your dragons. All of it has a purpose. It's up to you too see the beyouty in it.


Much Love & Aloha


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Self-Love Is The Way Of The Future

Self-Love Is The Way Of The Future

Happy Lioness New Moon Goddesses!

I can feel a global rise happening with the awareness of self-love spreading to each and every one of our Sister's, Mother's and Daughter's. I can feel us taking our power back and standing in our sovereignty.

The fierce ROAR of "No More!" echos through the mountains. No more, will I put my worth in someone else's hands. No more, will I give my power away to anyone. No more, will I allow anyone to make me feel less than the powerful goddess I am because they are uncomfortable with my light.

Self-Love is spreading like wildfire, burning through to create balance again on the planet. Connecting us to the roots we have forgotten about. Bringing us back to our authentic self.

This Goddess, is a beautiful time to be alive! Go let your Lioness run wild today!

Much Love and Aloha


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Sacred Self-Love Sunday

Sacred Self-Love Sunday

I have been going through a lot of inner growth lately and it's been Beyoutifull! To see myself stretch to new edges and take action on things that just a few months ago, I would of been too shy or too in my head to get out of my own way to do.

 No longer afraid to take up space and learning to love feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

My message is bigger than my fear. It is no longer about being perfect all the time or even perfect to begin something but instead it's about just doing it for the experience and if I love it,  doing it over and over again until I I naturally get better at it.

Give yourself a break, let yourself be human and vulnerable. Do things that frighten and excite you. We only live once and if we do it fearlessly, it can be one hell of a ride!

S T A ¥ △ W I L D


Much Lov€ & Aloha



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Sacred Self-Love Sunday ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Aloha Sunday Beyoutifull Goddess!

A perfect day to rest, relax and restore your energy, your heart and your mind. To refill your creatrix soul and let your inner wildcat play! ✨

I love Sundays.

That, quiet feeling in the air vibe. That chat with a friend at a cafe vibe. That, lazy, stay in bed all morning vibe. ☕️

Replenish your heart, your wild woman, your inner witch with sacred self-love. Put on your favorite tunes, make yourself a hot drink, grab your journal and forget what time it is, all day!

Go get lost in your own soul.

Love you Goddesses 😘


S T A ¥ • W I L D ✨ 

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Wild Women, Run With Wolves.  🌖🌕🌔🐺  ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Wild Women, Run With Wolves. 🌖🌕🌔🐺 ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Solar Eclipses represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. You can put yourself in the forefront of all your future plans. What in your life is about to end? Release what no longer serves you and nurture yourself. Are there old patterns you keep recreating that want you to pay attention? So you can grow, heal and create more of what desires dear one. What core beliefs and self-beliefs don't serve your Goddess soul anymore?

New moon in Pisces is calling you to listen to the deep primal voice within. What is your heart asking for more of in your life? It is a great time to plant new seeds and desires. Ask yourself "How can I love myself just a little bit more today?"

 As the moon changes so done the rise of our energy, our hormones, our ebb and flow. When we take the time to honor our body and what it needs, it creates a whole new experience of loving yourself.

It calls you to listen to the rhythms of your body and this is a gift Wolf woman.

so run wild with the moon and howl with your pack! You are primal, you are intuitive and you are magic. ✨ 


Your Presence Is Enough. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Your Presence Is Enough. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

If all you do today is enjoy being in your own skin. Taking a moment to feel the breeze on your face or smile at a stranger, that is enough.

You are enough, just the way you are and your presence is a gift. It's a gift to you, as how magical and delicous life gets when we slow down and really take a moment to take it all in.

Your presence is a gift to others. You are medicine Lioness Warrior and by being fully present in your body and in the moment, you illuminate worlds.

Be blissful, be joyful, with where you are right now, in this very moment.

You have enough.

You do enough.

You are enough.

When you see your magic, it's hard for others to deny it. So stay magical, dear one.

Much Love & Aloha


To join the sacred tribe of Self-Love Goddess, Lioness Warriors and Fierce Feminine Rising

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Evolution is a messy process ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Life isn't perfect and neither are we. Growing and changing can be a messy process.

Unsure of where you will end up while going through the process.

All you can do is trust. Trust the unseen and trust that everything is for your highest good. Always. 🙏🔥 #evolution #growth #trusttheprocess


Do You Have Trouble Trusting Your Inner Wisdom? ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Do you have trouble trusting your inner wisdom?

Do you struggle with making decisions for yourself? For fear you will make a wrong choice?

Growing up, I was gifted with not having any parental guidance to tell me when I was doing something right, wrong or how to do it differently.

I call this a gift, because from an early age, I had to make all my own choices and learned what my inner guidance system felt like. It became so strong over the years that it practically yells at me when I am not listening to it.

Does this mean I always listen to it? No, I have still have moments and experiences where I knew my heart was telling me one thing but denied it. Wanting to give that certain someone the benefit of the doubt or not disappoint them.

This year is the year I have decided to no longer do myself that disservice and to be okay with sometimes disappointing others. Because sometimes saying NO to someone else, is saying YES to me. ✨🔥🌊

Much Love & Aloha


4 Ways, To Trust Your Own Divine Timing ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

4 Ways, To Trust Your Own Divine Timing ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

We are gifted with this beautiful experience we call Life, and often times have a hard time enjoying it due to the pressure we put on ourselves and comparing ourselves to other people.

Here are a few ways that can help you trust your own diving timing.

1 ~ There has never been, nor will there ever be anyone else on the planet just like you.

2~ Your path is meant to be unique, so start embracing that and all the lessons you learn along the way.

3~ Start trusting the unknown and watch what happens. You will start to notice that even when you feel like things are falling apart, they are actually falling together, better than you ever imagined.

4 ~ Give yourself permission to be you and to be present in your life, without apology!  I am super passionate about this one, as I don't think any of us should apologize for who we are, but embrace our unique Goddess qualities.


Much Love & Aloha


Loving Yourself In Your Weak Moments ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Loving Yourself In Your Weak Moments ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Hello BeYOUtiFULL Gods' & Goddess's! 🙏✨💓🌺🐬🔥

Learning to love ourselves in our weak moments, seems like something that should just come naturally as second nature, but this is not the case for most of us. When we are in a lowered vibration from feeling down or out of balance, that is when it's easier for the negative thoughts, self-judgment, and criticism of ourselves tend to creep in.

Don't worry dear one, you are not alone in this. With a little self-care and awareness, you can switch the way you do things and no longer kick yourself when you are feeling down.

In those moments when we need self-love the most, we sometimes need to stop, take a breath and redirect our natural way of thinking and being. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to develop a new way of being more gentle with yourself in the times "You need YOU most".

Something really magical happens, when instead of giving into exhaustion and negative self-beliefs, we decide we are not going to buy into the thoughts our own mind is having, or take ourselves so seriously in those low moments. Instead we choose self-love.

A kind reminder of "How would you treat your best friend, in this situation" tends to help me find ways, I can be more loving with myself.

In that moment you have shifted from being a victim, into self-empowerment and THAT! my darling is a BeYOUtiFULL thing!

| V I B R A T €  L O V E | ~
| M A N I F € S T  ¥ O U R M A G I C | ~


With Love & Aloha 🌺💞✨🐬

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5 Ways To Be Completely Present With Yourself. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

5 Ways To Be Completely Present With Yourself. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

How often to we complain or get upset when someone we love, or work with is not fully engaging and being present with us in moments of conversation or spending time together?

Let me ask you this, "When was the last time you were completely present with yourself?"

Really take a second to think about that. We go about our busy lives always wanting to give to others and be as present as possible for them during times of need and whenever possible but how often do we take the time to do the same for ourselves?

Here are 5 ways you can be completely present with yourself:

  1. Breath ~ Taking time to do mindful breathing, brings you into the present moment and back into your body. Within minutes your heart rate lowers and you become more coherent, not only of your body but of the messages that your heart might be trying to communicate with you. 
  2.  Meditation ~ Meditation is a great way to get out of your head and into your body, allowing you to feel your whole being in that present moment.
  3.  Alone Time ~ Taking some time for yourself, creates space from distractions for you to be more present with yourself.
  4.  Awareness ~ Become aware of your being and it's presence. Learn more about the ways your body and heart communicate with you.

5. Check in with yourself ~ Learn to check in with yourself randomly and during important times. How are you feeling right now? Is there something you are not expressing? Does your body need rest or nourishment?

With Aloha & Love,


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Start Your Self-Love Journey Today! ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Start Your Self-Love Journey Today! ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

What are you waiting for to start giving yourself everything you need & desire today? Holding yourself back from self-love is holding yourself back from the relationship you've always wanted. The love you've always wanted to receive and allowing yourself to radiate in your full potential.

| S O U L M A T E = M A T E W I T H Y O U R S O U L |

With Love & Aloha


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Hello Beyoutifull Goddess!

I am so grateful for such a beautiful experience on my journey in Hawaii. Everything was in such perfect timing and synchronicity while I was there. Mmm, well it always is in life but we just don't always slow down enough to notice the magic.

Never planning my days too much allowed for what I was meant to experience to flow in. I got invited to a Divine Feminine Meditation and Healing session on the mountain tops, where a peacock and frog joined us at one point. So beautiful to see an equal amount of women and there were men there. Men are becoming more awake and comfortable in their feminine as well and it's beautiful to see us all finding our inner balance.

I had a healing experience during my underwater photo shoot on the west side of the island. We awakened before sunrise to catch the sun rays under water and there was a beautiful dolphin swimming around before we got in. I believe he blessed the water for me, because the only way I can describe the shift that happened to me while I was surrounded by so much love and support while under the water, is that my heart is no longer guarded for the first time and it feels amazing!! I would of assumed this would be a scary place to be but actually it only feels empowering and like I am protected and can't get hurt because I am stronger within myself. So Mahalo (Thank-You) to the Hawaiian Spirit and waters.

Something I wanted to work on during this trip was my commitment to myself. I had my best girlfriend tell me, "I've never heard you say out loud I am ready to commit!" and when she said that, tears came to my eyes and a big knot went into my throat. She said "That's a block isn't it." I laughed and said "Yes!". lol

So clearing that block was one of my goals during this trip and something I feel I have accomplished on an inner knowing level and now am working on what that looks like in my every day life.

"How can I commit more to myself everyday?"

Sending you tons of Aloha and island vibes!! xoxox

Love you!




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Giving Yourself Permission To Slow Down And Just Be. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Giving Yourself Permission To Slow Down And Just Be. ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION


Is anyone else out there feeling a little stuck or stagnant the last few days? Maybe desiring to get more done than seems possible at the moment? I know I had to remind myself today that it's okay to be exactly where I am and still get to where I am going.

We live in a society that teaches us the importance of working hard and constant movement but than when things slow down, like all things do, we start to feel guilty. Are we doing enough? Should I be doing something more?

I have found in some of my most still times, when maybe I was not feeling the greatest or trying to figure out my next move. When allowing myself to just be in those emotions and not trying to force myself to be anywhere else was when some of my greatest aha moments, moments of clarity and information from source could flow through.

I had to be still enough to experience it. To hear the faint voice of my heart whispers. To really receive that aha moment.

So trust your process. You are exactly where you need to be and all of it matters, even the spaces in between.


Much Love,


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Ignorance Is Bliss! Except When It Comes To Self-Love ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Ignorance Is Bliss! Except When It Comes To Self-Love ~ BEYOUTY REVOLUTION

Understanding that Self-Love holds the key to everything you ever wanted is something you don't want to ignore.

Our ability to love ourselves is the same capacity of love we are able to let in from others. Do you need to expand your self-love?

What's presently in your life is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Let that sink in for a moment. It takes courage and ownership to really let this resonate. Even the things in your life that you didn't want are also just mirroring an old core belief, thought pattern or inconsistency with what your heart wants and what you might believe at your core.

The more you learn to give to yourself, the more you open yourself up to receiving. Not just love but the abundance of everything your heart has desired and that the Universe has been waiting to give you.

And it's not enough to just want to love you. Yes, that is the first step but putting it into action, creating a lifestyle change, a daily routine, and learning to make you a priority is where the shift happens.

Learning to consistently be there for yourself. To give yourself what you need, understand your own desires. Understanding how your body, mind and heart work. Being the one to step up and give all of those things to yourself so you can stop seeking outside of yourself.

The more you give yourself what you need, the more you start to feel what true love is and that it's not something anyone else can give you. It's your true state of being, your natural birth right. You, at your highest vibration and all your awesomeness!

Much Love,


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