There has been countless time's where I was in a situation and had no idea how it was going to turn out before I learned that even when life feels like it's falling apart, it's actually falling together.

Before long, I found myself expanding my trust with the unseen and how things can fall into place when you just expect and trust them too.

 My Journey Can Attest To That;

It started back in June when I went to Hawaii and decided I wanted to come back for another 5 months. What was I waiting for? The perfect time, didn’t exist.  So I committed to my heart and said a wholehearted YES to making it happen, not even being sure how things would come together. I realistically didn’t have the funds to make it happen. I didn’t have a plan. “Who really needs a plan anyway? Let life happen! That is when the magic happens.”


So I booked my ticket for the end of August and trusted that things would fall into place and that my heart was calling me to do this for a reason. Oahu was the island I normally stay on, where all my friends and support system are but this time the Big Island was calling me. A foreign place, I haven’t been too. Again, I trusted this feeling, not knowing where it would lead me.

I wholeheartedly believe this island takes care of you, when you are meant to be here to experience whatever transformation you are meant to go through.

This is how the island has supported me so far. It has gifted me with a free place to stay, where I have my own guest house, shower and vehicle for the full 5 months I am here. Which has allowed me to not only have a sacred space to create and thrive but to pay off my debt at the same time!!

Seriously, I am even blowing my own mind! By saying YES to what my heart desired and coming to a hot exotic island for 5 months, I was able to create my own space and live in a way that allows me to pay off debt?!

I’m still shocked by it all and so super grateful. I guess I felt called to share my story to let you know, you can fall and trust that the Universe will catch you. It has your back! I promise. All you got to do is receive what it has waiting for you, with non-resistance.  

Just a reminder; Life Loves You!

Much Love & Aloha