"You Time", is essential to your health, well being and even your sanity in some cases, but often times you lead such a busy life that you ignore the signs your body is sending you. So here are a few signs that is it time to stop. Take a breather. Fill up before you flow out again.

1 ~ You feel unfocused and overwhelmed when around other people.

2 ~ You notice you have less patience, for yourself and everyone else around you.

3 ~ You just feel Off and not like your usual self.

4 ~ You are feeling unhappy and having negative thoughts, either within your own head or expressing to the world, how you feel.

5 ~ Your appreciation for yourself or others in your life has left the building! Often times when we are not appreciating the moment or feeling negative towards ourselves, we actually just need to refill our energy and nourish ourselves.

6 ~ If you are hungry and.or thirsty, your body is letting you know it's time to sit down, take a break and nourish yourself.