When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time alone in Nature. This lead me to feel very connected to everything around me, as well as looked after by the natural rhythms of life.

Nature is always nourishing you, giving you what you need, and supporting your journey. You just have to quiet your mind enough to hear your heart and feel that connection.

Notice your Breath as the unseen air is constantly fully supporting your every move and inhale. Filling your body with Life.

Feel the ground underneath you offering a grounding support and a stable foundation for you to build your dreams on. Reminding you to fully support yourself, your dreams and whatever desires lay close to your heart.

Full receive the sun as it illuminates you, filling you with light and love, warming your face and feeding your eyes beauty to see every next step in front of you with clarity and love.

Soak up the rain as it purifies and cleanses your body and mind.

Listen to the trees as they blow in the wind, reminding you to ground yourself so that whatever may come your way, you will be rooted into your being, flexible yet unshakable.

Let the Moon remind you that the cycles within your body are always speaking to you, letting you know what you need in each moment.

Light and Love

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