With the Full Moon happening this evening, it's an extra powerful time to sit with yourself and allow the moon to light up any areas that you may need to look at and what you still may need to let go of.

Choosing to let go as an act of self-love is very empowering. We are taking care of ourselves and our heart. Setting healthy boundaries of what we will allow ourselves to carry around.

  • Decide that feeling Happiness is more important than resisting change and what is.
  • Give yourself permission to live in the present moment, instead of being anxious about the past or fearful of the future.
  • Give yourself permission to not have to carry the thought that is bothering you or the negative feeling that might come along with it.
  • Choose Self-Compassion. There may be times when what you need to let go of, still arises. When this happens, instead of being hard on yourself, just acknowledge the feeling or thought, send some gratitude and love to it and say "I release you".


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