Does the idea of spending time alone bother you? Do you have a hard time sitting still with your thoughts, and finding things to do that you like? Well, you are not alone. Most people can relate, and prefer not to be alone. The inability to be alone, can sometimes lead to relationships you shouldn't be in, or unhealthy friendships, that you allow in your life just to take up space and time.

I have found on my journey, that part of the reason why we have a hard time being alone, is not only because we are not use to it and it can be uncomfortable, but because there is usually a part of ourselves we do not want to face.

Facing the deeper parts of yourself are not easy, but are so worth the growth that comes with the effort! I promise!

Here are 5 ways you can learn to love yourself, during your alone time.

1 - Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let yourself get use to feeling all your feelings. That means sitting with whatever thoughts and feelings arise when you sit still or spend time alone.

2 - Practice mindfulness. Allow yourself to notice whatever thoughts might be flowing in without judgement. Nothing has to be good or bad, just let it be.

3 - Start taking time to get to know yourself all over again. Think about the things you love to do and what makes time stand still for you. If you are not sure, let it be exciting, to rediscover that!

4 - Create a sacred self-care ritual daily. Yes! I said daily! Learn to give from a place of overflow and give yourself what you need, so you are not seeking outside of yourself.

5 - Realize your more than okay. Being alone is actually a magical time to reconnect with yourself, your heart and your desires. Once you get use to it, you will actually wonder how you ever did without it!

With Love,

Artist and Self-Love Fire Starter, Melissa

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