When you embark on the journey of Self-Love your life changes. Everything currently in your life is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself in this present moment. It is constantly showing us the areas we need to love more.

What you will start to notice one you learn to Choose You!

  • Your relationships and friendships will start to change. What no longer serves you will fall away and will be replaced with something more suitable for you and how you feel about yourself, or they will strengthen in a more authentic way.
  • You will be more aware of what you need and how to give it to yourself.
  • Your feeling of balance will be your guide to letting you know if you are over-giving.
  • You will no longer accept people in your life that do not treat you any less amazing than you treat yourself.
  • You will no longer seek outside of yourself in the form of material satisfaction or needing love from others. As you are the love you seek.
  • You take your power back and know that even if someone else does not choose you, it's okay, because you will always choose you and provide yourself with what you need.

With Love,

Artist and Self-Love Fire Starter, Melissa