I was always an over-giver by nature and without question my self-love routine and needs would come second when I was with someone. Without realizing it, I was abandoning myself but thinking that this is what you do when you're in a relationship, you put the other person first because you care. 

The reality is the best thing you can ever do for someone else is love yourself unconditionally and to commit to yourself wholeheartedly. This is where you find your true love. In learning how to connect with your highest vibration consistently every day and then sharing that with whomever you are with. This allows you to connect with you best self and true vibration which is love, than share your awesome self with those you love. 

So here are 5 ways to tell you need to refocus on yourself, when you're in a relationship.

1 ~ They become your source of Happiness.

2~ What they say and do affects you too much.

3~ You start putting their desires and needs before your own.

4~ You feel off balance and feel back and forth about the relationship/person.

5~ You stop doing your normal routine and making time for the things you love.


With Love,


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