I don't know about you, but I use to have a very hard time with my monthly cycle and would resist it every month. Cramps, moodiness and half the time not paying attention to when it would come.

Something shifted in me majorly when I started paying attention. To the moon cycles and to what my body needed during this time and I feel like I tapped into this powerful, creative, sacred space of information, intuition and knowing.

Women are these sacred temples of emotion and cycles that are connected to our beautiful Moon. For a long time we were taught that it was not okay to feel as strongly as we do. We are born intuitive creatures of nature, yet told that we are crazy when we do experience high emotion. Sometimes our emotions are not for anyone else to understand but ourselves.

All we can do is reclaim our power by owning our beautiful ocean of emotions. Trusting them and allowing them to guide us to our divine path and powerful sacred space of emotions which are always guiding us to our highest divinity which is Love.

Women go through two magical cycles during the month, a menstrual cycle and ovulation. Both which call in for extreme self-care. We don't all have the luxury of being able to stay home and rest during this time but giving yourself what you need can make the experience of, just getting through it, into tapping into this deeper part of your inner knowing and creativity that you never took the time to know before.

Learning to be mindful of your cycle and what you need during this time can change your life. It does call for extreme self-care and when we stop fighting our bodies and give it what it needs; we truly connect to a deeper part of ourselves.

As the New Moon is about setting new intentions and goals, birthing creative ideas and the Full Moon is releasing the old things that no longer serve us anymore. Our cycles remind us, to do the same. Our menstrual cycle is also known as "Moon Time" because most women are in sync with the moons for when they ovulate and menstruate. If you are not, no worries, self-care and being in-tuned with your body is what it calls for most.

Embrace all that makes you fully who you are. Don't see any of your emotions as negative but as guides, always directing you to your hearts path or letting you know when you might be off course. You are constantly being supported, guided and loved.


Happy Full Moon Eclipse in Libra!

With Love,