How many times have you forgotten about yourself, the minute you end up in a relationship with someone you really like? Put your needs last to everyone else around you? Decided to skip out on a morning routine or workout to make time for other people in your life?

Sometimes over-giving can be another form of not fully receiving and self-sabotage. It can seem like small things in the moment, but over time not being consistent with giving yourself what you need and fully showing up for yourself, will catch up with you.

Here are some ways being consistent with yourself is self-love:

~ You are learning how NOT to abandon yourself and become your biggest supporter of your dreams and goals.

~ You fully show up for yourself and you wonder how you ever functioned any other way.

~ By being consistent with yourself, you are sending messages to your heart mind and body that you are enough, you deserve this and dedicate your time to making sure you receive what you need.

~ Being consistent with yourself means you no longer put that pressure on someone else to fill that role.

~ You start to take yourself and your dreams more seriously, which gives them a bigger chance to manifest in more ways than you ever imagined, along with the confidence you will need to acquire them.

~ The more consistent you are with yourself, you will start to attract people in your life who will also be consistent with their actions and words.


With Love,


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