Sometimes the fierce feminine, be it loud roar or a soft meu... need's to set healthy loving boundaries for herself.

My mentor once taught me, that boundaries are like bridges not walls. We build a bridge to show people how to be closer to us. Not put up a wall and shut them out.

Setting up healthy boundaries can happen in many ways. Depending on what your heart and body are telling you.

We all have inner boundaries and comfort levels, it just depends if we are aware of them, and if we choose to voice them.

I know when I was younger, I use to get offended or hurt when someone would cross a boundary and now I understand, how could they ever know it was even a boundary crossed unless I expressed to them what my boundaries were?

It is an act of self-love and anyone in your life that cares about you, will respect and understand it, as well as support it lovingly. Other people may turn and walk away but this is normal. As we grow not everyone is meant to stay on our path of self-love.

Here are 5 ways you can set loving boundaries like the lioness you are!

1 - Take time to self-reflect and understand what your boundaries are so you can effectively and clearly communicate them where needed.

2 - Make sure you are in a loving space when expressing yourself.

3 - Be patient with giving the person time to adjust to your new personal boundary you have just expressed.

4 - Repeat yourself when necessary and know when to walk away.

5 - Love yourself enough to know you deserve this respect and love.

With Love,


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