Understanding that Self-Love holds the key to everything you ever wanted is something you don't want to ignore.

Our ability to love ourselves is the same capacity of love we are able to let in from others. Do you need to expand your self-love?

What's presently in your life is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Let that sink in for a moment. It takes courage and ownership to really let this resonate. Even the things in your life that you didn't want are also just mirroring an old core belief, thought pattern or inconsistency with what your heart wants and what you might believe at your core.

The more you learn to give to yourself, the more you open yourself up to receiving. Not just love but the abundance of everything your heart has desired and that the Universe has been waiting to give you.

And it's not enough to just want to love you. Yes, that is the first step but putting it into action, creating a lifestyle change, a daily routine, and learning to make you a priority is where the shift happens.

Learning to consistently be there for yourself. To give yourself what you need, understand your own desires. Understanding how your body, mind and heart work. Being the one to step up and give all of those things to yourself so you can stop seeking outside of yourself.

The more you give yourself what you need, the more you start to feel what true love is and that it's not something anyone else can give you. It's your true state of being, your natural birth right. You, at your highest vibration and all your awesomeness!

Much Love,


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