Being authentically you is not always an easy path. Sometimes we dim our light, as so not to make others feel uncomfortable or not wanting to make waves.

I invite you to step fearlessly into your true authentic power. To step into everything you know and feel, that makes you who you are, at your core. To speak every word, with love, and honor, from your heart. Without fear of rejection, being accepted, or if you are intimidating anyone else.

To walk your path, sometimes means, being the only one who truly understands and gets you, but what you receive in return surpassed what you release along the way of being you! Living a joyful, blissful and happy life. A life that makes time stand still for you, with passion and the peace of mind knowing you are living the life you want. Not what others are expecting of you, or telling you, how it should be.

No one truly knows you, like you know yourself. You have been there for yourself in all of your darkest moments and have picked yourself up over and over again to be a better, stronger version of who you are.

Everything that makes you unique that you may not like about yourself, is actually your super power you haven't tapped into, mostly because you haven't fully embraced that part of yourself, because you believed someone else's opinion that, this thing about you "was wrong". No one can give you power or take it away. It's up for you to cultivate it within yourself, and this makes you untouchable.

Never apologize for who you are or how you feel. Own it and express it with love. You, give yourself purpose. Trust your journey. For you are here to do wonderful things my dear!

There is a magic in your heart that only you know ~*


With Love,


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