Hello You Sexy Goddess You!

I know I have been MIA (Missing In Action) lately and I wanted to let you in on my little secret's and what I have been up to and in the process of creating!

I have recently signed a contract with The Centre For Spiritual Living here in downtown Toronto in the Beaches, and will start hosting Self-Love Workshops at their location. It's an amazing place to start getting myself and my message out there on a regular basis.

I am in the process of hopefully getting funding to start teaching the workshops in the local schools. I think the message of self-love is Universal and learning it at a young age can create a strong foundation of self-awareness and foundation.

I have also been scoping out places to have an Art Gallery Showing for my prints! This one I am also very excited about and all of you will get the invite and details once it's in place.


I will be heading to Hawaii for 3 weeks this month! I will be looking for a place to host future self-love retreats, taking new photos of the divine feminine orchids and also diving deep again into my own self-love journey and I am so excited to see what comes up for me this time. I will be sure to send updates when my coconut wifi is working! LOL!


Love you all and thank you for being on my journey!

With Love,


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