Hello Beyoutifull Goddess!

I am so grateful for such a beautiful experience on my journey in Hawaii. Everything was in such perfect timing and synchronicity while I was there. Mmm, well it always is in life but we just don't always slow down enough to notice the magic.

Never planning my days too much allowed for what I was meant to experience to flow in. I got invited to a Divine Feminine Meditation and Healing session on the mountain tops, where a peacock and frog joined us at one point. So beautiful to see an equal amount of women and there were men there. Men are becoming more awake and comfortable in their feminine as well and it's beautiful to see us all finding our inner balance.

I had a healing experience during my underwater photo shoot on the west side of the island. We awakened before sunrise to catch the sun rays under water and there was a beautiful dolphin swimming around before we got in. I believe he blessed the water for me, because the only way I can describe the shift that happened to me while I was surrounded by so much love and support while under the water, is that my heart is no longer guarded for the first time and it feels amazing!! I would of assumed this would be a scary place to be but actually it only feels empowering and like I am protected and can't get hurt because I am stronger within myself. So Mahalo (Thank-You) to the Hawaiian Spirit and waters.

Something I wanted to work on during this trip was my commitment to myself. I had my best girlfriend tell me, "I've never heard you say out loud I am ready to commit!" and when she said that, tears came to my eyes and a big knot went into my throat. She said "That's a block isn't it." I laughed and said "Yes!". lol

So clearing that block was one of my goals during this trip and something I feel I have accomplished on an inner knowing level and now am working on what that looks like in my every day life.

"How can I commit more to myself everyday?"

Sending you tons of Aloha and island vibes!! xoxox

Love you!




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