How often to we complain or get upset when someone we love, or work with is not fully engaging and being present with us in moments of conversation or spending time together?

Let me ask you this, "When was the last time you were completely present with yourself?"

Really take a second to think about that. We go about our busy lives always wanting to give to others and be as present as possible for them during times of need and whenever possible but how often do we take the time to do the same for ourselves?

Here are 5 ways you can be completely present with yourself:

  1. Breath ~ Taking time to do mindful breathing, brings you into the present moment and back into your body. Within minutes your heart rate lowers and you become more coherent, not only of your body but of the messages that your heart might be trying to communicate with you. 
  2.  Meditation ~ Meditation is a great way to get out of your head and into your body, allowing you to feel your whole being in that present moment.
  3.  Alone Time ~ Taking some time for yourself, creates space from distractions for you to be more present with yourself.
  4.  Awareness ~ Become aware of your being and it's presence. Learn more about the ways your body and heart communicate with you.

5. Check in with yourself ~ Learn to check in with yourself randomly and during important times. How are you feeling right now? Is there something you are not expressing? Does your body need rest or nourishment?

With Aloha & Love,


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