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Learning to love ourselves in our weak moments, seems like something that should just come naturally as second nature, but this is not the case for most of us. When we are in a lowered vibration from feeling down or out of balance, that is when it's easier for the negative thoughts, self-judgment, and criticism of ourselves tend to creep in.

Don't worry dear one, you are not alone in this. With a little self-care and awareness, you can switch the way you do things and no longer kick yourself when you are feeling down.

In those moments when we need self-love the most, we sometimes need to stop, take a breath and redirect our natural way of thinking and being. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to develop a new way of being more gentle with yourself in the times "You need YOU most".

Something really magical happens, when instead of giving into exhaustion and negative self-beliefs, we decide we are not going to buy into the thoughts our own mind is having, or take ourselves so seriously in those low moments. Instead we choose self-love.

A kind reminder of "How would you treat your best friend, in this situation" tends to help me find ways, I can be more loving with myself.

In that moment you have shifted from being a victim, into self-empowerment and THAT! my darling is a BeYOUtiFULL thing!

| V I B R A T €  L O V E | ~
| M A N I F € S T  ¥ O U R M A G I C | ~


With Love & Aloha 🌺💞✨🐬

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