Hello God's and Goddess's,

Isn’t it lovely to know we are all born with this gift inside of us that lets us know what we need!

Our inner feeling of balance is there for a reason and once you become more aware of it, it really has the magic to guide you to a place of always feeling respected and filled up with energy and love.

Here are 4 reasons you might feel off balance, and what that feeling of being off balance is trying to communicate with you.

1 – You haven’t given to yourself lately or first. Have you nurtured your body with good food, exercise, some down time and doing something you love?

2 – You over- given to someone else in your life, or had one of your personal boundaries over stepped, that maybe you didn’t even know you had. Was that boundary ever expressed?

3 – You might be out of alignment with your true self. Have you expressed what your heart wanted to say? Did you take a stand for yourself in the situation if needed?

4 – You are having an internal batter between your higher self- and your ego.  Having negative thoughts or over thinking something that is stressful that you might not have any control over the situation.

| V I B R A T €  L O V E | ~


With Love & Aloha 🌺💞✨🐬

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