Do you have trouble trusting your inner wisdom?

Do you struggle with making decisions for yourself? For fear you will make a wrong choice?

Growing up, I was gifted with not having any parental guidance to tell me when I was doing something right, wrong or how to do it differently.

I call this a gift, because from an early age, I had to make all my own choices and learned what my inner guidance system felt like. It became so strong over the years that it practically yells at me when I am not listening to it.

Does this mean I always listen to it? No, I have still have moments and experiences where I knew my heart was telling me one thing but denied it. Wanting to give that certain someone the benefit of the doubt or not disappoint them.

This year is the year I have decided to no longer do myself that disservice and to be okay with sometimes disappointing others. Because sometimes saying NO to someone else, is saying YES to me. ✨🔥🌊

Much Love & Aloha