Connect to your heart my Queen. Have you forgotten what it feels like to wear your crown? To be ruler of your temple? 

it's time to step back into your truth. To no longer fear your personal power but embrace every inch of your body, mind, heart and soul. 

Taking every step with intentional stride, knowing your worth and not being afraid to speak your authentic truth. 

1~ Make it part of your daily practice to visualize putting your crown on before you start your day. 

2~ Be present with yourself throughout your day. 

3~ Notice when your crown slips, from giving your power away.

4~ What would your inner Queen do? 

Proudly keep your chin up goddess, let your crown connect you to source and your higher-self. 


Go make yourself proud today! 💗🔥


Love & Aloha


#Beyoutyrevolution #selflove