Don’t ever underestimate the power you hold within to heal yourself.
— Beyouty Revolution

We all hold to key to unlocking exactly what we need and desire. The path sets fire as we choose to walk in our authenticity and call ourselves out when something needs to heal.

You are already equipped warrioress. The trick is to trust yourself, here and now in this very moment, that you have enough and are enough. Your story helped build you but won't define you.

Facing our shadows is a part of the healing journey but also part of the journey. None of us escape not having inner work to do. It's when we deny wanting to look at our shadow, that pain, guilt and shame creep up. When we own all of who we are, our life shifts into a higher vibration of love, compassion, understanding and we see the reason behind things happening. Maybe not right away but in perfect timing.

So grab your sword fierce feminine goddess and slay your inner demons and become friends with your dragons. All of it has a purpose. It's up to you too see the beyouty in it.


Much Love & Aloha


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