As humans we all have this deep seeded drive within us that fuels our fire and creates the desire for us to do the things we do.

Are you connected with what that is for you? Do you know your WHY behind the things that make you get out of bed every day and want to do good work in the world?

I don't know about you but when I was younger my pain, past and present were what fueled me. The things that were happening to me were actually happening for me. As things shifted on my self-love journey, I decided to let my story go. I gave myself permission to let self-love be enough to fuel me and not to hang on to past pain out of fear that I wouldn't have the same drive and determination without it.

After all, who would I be without my story?

Well, I became even more authentically who I was. It gave me permission to step into my highest self and full potential, without having old beliefs and stories hold me back.

So today I let self-love be my WHY behind my actions and what I do every day.

What will you choose Sister?

Much Love & Aloha


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