I have been going through a lot of inner growth lately and it's been Beyoutifull! To see myself stretch to new edges and take action on things that just a few months ago, I would of been too shy or too in my head to get out of my own way to do.

 No longer afraid to take up space and learning to love feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

My message is bigger than my fear. It is no longer about being perfect all the time or even perfect to begin something but instead it's about just doing it for the experience and if I love it,  doing it over and over again until I I naturally get better at it.

Give yourself a break, let yourself be human and vulnerable. Do things that frighten and excite you. We only live once and if we do it fearlessly, it can be one hell of a ride!

S T A ¥ △ W I L D


Much Lov€ & Aloha



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