Solar Eclipses represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. You can put yourself in the forefront of all your future plans. What in your life is about to end? Release what no longer serves you and nurture yourself. Are there old patterns you keep recreating that want you to pay attention? So you can grow, heal and create more of what desires dear one. What core beliefs and self-beliefs don't serve your Goddess soul anymore?

New moon in Pisces is calling you to listen to the deep primal voice within. What is your heart asking for more of in your life? It is a great time to plant new seeds and desires. Ask yourself "How can I love myself just a little bit more today?"

 As the moon changes so done the rise of our energy, our hormones, our ebb and flow. When we take the time to honor our body and what it needs, it creates a whole new experience of loving yourself.

It calls you to listen to the rhythms of your body and this is a gift Wolf woman.

so run wild with the moon and howl with your pack! You are primal, you are intuitive and you are magic. ✨