I hope you are sitting down! You aren’t going to believe this! On my way to work I listened to the YES Meditation, I chose a few things I wanted to put into the Universe and that I’d hope to see an echo or validation from soon... 1 was to have $500 show up randomly in my day some how that was mine to use, and 2 was to have the freedom to go to Nova Scotia a few times this year without limitations... Then late in the morning while checking emails I got a notice that I had won a contest! The Grand Prize winner of a contest that I’d entered..and the prize? $500 in on-line spending vouchers for vegan products AND $4500 in flight vouchers!!! For Real :D Can you believe it?! Woo Hoo! That’s a big YES!
— 30 Day Self Love Challenger ~ Heather Hodgson
So much I love about the print I received! It is a great photo. Very well printed and beautifully mounted. It floats off the wall which creates its own frame with the shadow, but I really love that the artist took the photo herself of this gorgeous little lion! Then I got to see an image of him all grown up which made it all the more authentic. Love this little guy. Thank you!!! ~Metal Print Owner, Waseem
THANK YOU for showing me the way. I find that due to the 30 Day Self-Love Challenge it has come natural to take a few minutes every morning and think of my blessings, think positive, look forward to a new day. I am learning to feel connected to myself. When I read your posts, I felt you were holding my hand. And for that Melissa, I thank the Universe for crossing our paths.
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Nieves Guijarro
Melissa is exceptionally kind, giving person whose insights into self-love have revolutionized my relationship with myself. I would wake up excited to post and receive her support and thoughtful guidance.

The elements of the self-love challenge that she has developed have really helped me build confidence, self-love, gratitude and the ability to be happy where I am.

In fact, I have continued the challenge on my own. Although I miss her insights and feedback. I would highly recommend her program to anyone looking to cultivate more positivity in their lives.
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Samara
I think the biggest take away from it came as I received my daily email. It gave me that moment to stop, and remind myself to consider where I was at in that moment and to take care of me.
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Donna Flynn
Thanks Melissa for this unexpected routine, because even if I didn’t apply it this week with chaos, I feel like I appreciate everything so much more.
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Lindsay Shaw
For me the best part were the little love notes. How much my heart hungered to hear the love notes and how easily it flowed out each day. I am great at loving up others, and very hard on myself.... So this was a powerful breakthrough!
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Asha Croggon
I experienced a lot of blocks trying to find things I loved about me. I have no trouble to love others it seems. So I will work on that. I have an overflowing amount of things to be grateful for!
— 30 Day Self-Love Challenger, Marie-Claire