Learning to commit to myself everyday has not been easy for me. I grew up in an environment where self-love was nonexistent, in fact I was taught self-loathing at a young age and I had zero structure in my life at home. No routine, no rules, no consequences. I was free to roam a wild child and make all the mistakes my little heart desired or just did, because I blindly didn't know any better.

Thankfully the few years I spent living with my grandparents taught me morals and I was gifted with street smarts and intuition of how to take care of myself at least to a degree to keep myself safe and fed.

I dived into self-love not even knowing what it looked like, It was a concept I didn't even know was available until I started walking that path 5 years ago.

My routine has lead me down the path of healing, growth, stronger boundaries, and a stronger relationship with myself which in turn taught others how to treat me, love me, be there for me and respect me.

So my desire is to expand your awareness into just how juicy your life can be.
To show you just how loved you already are including the fact that YOU my dear ARE Love!
And help you put self-love into action and not have it be a hope, a desire, or a passing thought.

If your struggling with

✨ Body Image
✨ Self-Doubt
✨Giving your power away
✨Making yourself last on the priority list
✨Having trouble speaking your truth
✨Feeling like something is missing
✨Feeling depleted from over-giving
✨ Not in alignment with who you are

This challenge is for you!

Why wait another moment feeling any of those things? Life is to short to not see how amazing you are and start putting the love you give to others, into your canvas, aka yourself!

Lets paint you with a new brush! You are a piece of art and you are magic Goddess.

I have been there and I want to support you on the most important journey you will take. Building a relationship with yourself sweet one.

In the 30 Days we will cover
🌊 a morning routine that works with your schedule
🌊A one on one call to discover where you are and where you want to be.
🌊 a group call once a week with a self-love topic as well as Facebook lives where I can offer support and answer any questions that may arise.
🌊Full support for the 30 days within the group page
🌊 Some inner homework to dive deep into what's blocking you and how you can invite more self-love into your life
🌊The YES Meditation to help you raise your vibration and roar to ask for what you want

What you will start to feel once you start the challenge.
🔥 you start feeling into how you feel and taking time to fill up before you flow out.
🔥 You will no longer settle for any relationship that is unhealthier than the one you have cultivated with yourself
🔥 Your inner self-talk will become your biggest cheerleader
🔥 You will learn about what might still need to be healed that's been blocking you from self-love
🔥You are going to feel way more energized

🔥You will be more confident in your connection with yourself and step up your self-love game
🔥You will start to inspire others by leading the way with your torch of self-love

I'm offering my new revamp of the program at my old price for one last time. $111. We start our next challenge April 1st.

You can even make a 50% deposit to hold your spot and pay the rest before April 1st!

Book your discovery call today or sign up for the challenge if you feel called to do so Goddess!