Imagine if we believed we were Goddesses from birth.

Imagine if we reminded ourselves daily that we are born of the Divine Feminine and we are magic.

I think this page will help lead us all to healing by being that reminder.

Thank you for existing.

You said I could introduce myself and I feel compelled to do so.

All my doubts say don't. All my fears say don't. But I will. Because why shouldn't I?

My name is Katy. I am a sister, a mother, a lover of all things dance. I am at home in the country and by the water. I love my dog and my Mother. I am a mother. I am a sufferer. I am a healer.

I love to dance to the beat of a drum.

I am the woman most likely in the room to wear a shirt that says, 'Most Bomb Pussy Ever" and believe it fully cause it's a fact.

I am the first to hug you and the first to shock you. I speak my truth as much as I can and hold space for you to do the same.

Courage is a must but it's not always there.

This page will help us hear the call and ROAR right back!

My name is Katy and I am a warrior from past generations. I am the witch you could not burn. I am fierce and power and passion.

I am sexual. I am a creator. When I connect to my highest power there is nothing I cannot do.

I am magic. So are you.


I have been touched by the Divine Feminine. I am learning to connect and need more. I have broken open and now I must heal. Myself and and call others to do the same.

Thank you for existing!

Thank you for existing and calling me by name.

Today I got accepted into this group and I feel proud and seen.

I wear my own crown of feminine design.

I keep hearing woman ride the wave and rise. So must I join them.

#divinefeminine  #Goddess #warriorwoman






Thank you so much for accepting me into this group and for such a heartfelt welcome!!
Hawaii and the name Melissa has been in my awareness all day, and now I understand why!!! I scrolled past your casting call event (which I am working on responding to) and it all makes sense now.

Wow. The energy I feel from you Melissa is incredible. You have just made me feel like a part of your tribe ~ instantaneously… like I have been apart all along and I feel the same about you. Thank you to everyone who have welcomed me and to everyone who is in this group. I feel the very same about you as well! I am receiving a feeling of complete genuine love and it feels like we’re all on the same frequency - wow!!