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ROAR! Fierce Feminine Rising, is an E-Magazine dedicated to women and girls all over the globe, to rise and have their story told. To celebrate not only their wounds and battle scars but to fully embrace their inner goddess.

"I wanted to create real authentic content. Give women something to get excited to read and to resonate with. There is enough garbage out there telling you how to live and what you should be. This is a magazine that fully embraces everything about where you are now and celebrates your journey. With immense compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and our sacred sisters. We were born to love and nurture one another. Not live in competition and judgement."  ~ Melissa Kelly

Step into your power goddess, live unapologetic and rise together as a collective in love to heal yourself and the world. You are medicine and we need you.

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Share your story of what makes you a fierce feminine. Share tips of how you love to embrace your inner goddess. Have any poems or art you would love to share that celebrate women around the globe? Let out your ROAR lioness!

I see you. I hear you. I honor you.

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