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Roz Ware, Entrepreneurial Goddess Mindset Coach

About Roz

Roz Ware teaches bad-asses how to get clear and productive AF in their businesses, so they can step into their power and CLAIM their space online.

Bringing out your entrepreneurial BAD-ASS and be an ideal client magnet


Let me start by just saying that if things don’t look the way you want them to in your online coaching business…

Let go of those damn, toxic business ‘should's’!!

You thinking that there are certain things you ‘must’ do to be successful is, quite frankly, boring for us to watch.

I just spent the week frolicking around Paris, with an eclair hanging out my mouth, and was still hunted down by people wanting to take my up on my VIP coaching services…just sayin’.

Let the should's go.

Holding on to what is the ‘done thing’ is not applicable anymore.

And cookie cutter don’t cut it!

In fact, if you do, you are not just leaving serious cash on the table, but you’re sacrificing everything you believe and want for yourself too…

There is now a whole new meaning to living life on your terms.


And it starts with ACCEPTING where you are now so that you can move forward.

Its physically impossible for you to connect the next puzzle piece if you don’t accept where you are now.

And I mean ALL parts of you.

Embracing ALL of you and YOUR way of writing the rules.

We’ve seen how ‘they’ do it, its been done and we’re bored of that now…. enter YOU and YOUR way of doing it.

For me to explode outwards and CLAIM MY SPACE online, I had to get really fucking real with myself.

I am not professional, I lost that about 10 thousand “fucks” ago…

The shit I say is “wanky” (I hear this regularly).

The majority of my soul mates are virtual.

I have an abnormal addiction to watching tarot on YouTube.

I accidentally burp on camera talking to clients and I sometimes forget what I was talking about.

Sometimes I don’t leave the house for two days…And if I do it’s usually for food/gym.

I never go to bed early and I very rarely get up before 9. In fact, don’t talk to me before 10.

Sometimes I wear the same clothes two days in a row. Don’t care.

I have a VERY addictive personality…

Sometimes I smoke.

I’ve been in my overdraft more times than I’ve washed my hair.

I scammed my supermarket points card just so I could eat (it was legit OK!!)

I’ve done things for money I’d never tell anyone.

And yet, I have a small dedicated tribe of hungry bad-asses, paying premium prices for my business coaching services.

I work about 20 hours a week…

My marketing costs are about £100 a month…

I live a luxury life, where I make my own rules and I live on my terms.

Every, single day.

But that’s just me. How about you?

And so…

through acceptance, a dedication to grow every damn day, and taking consistent aligned action, you push yourself to move forward in TRUE ALIGNMENT.

Because by accepting where you are NOW, you can create an immediate aligned action step.

And believe me, when you release the bullshit that's holding you back, you accept where you are now and move forward, even if its just launching a very low price point offer…


Your dedication to accepting where you are now and moving forward consistently IS what is going to get you to where you want to be.

Because by ‘trying’ to appear richer and like you have more clients than you actually do IS what is blocking you from showing up as your true authentic self.

Because you give too much of a shit what people think of you.

You trying to get your energy behind 20k months when if feels so far from you is JUST WASTING YOUR TIME!

Believe me!!!

I spent 2 years trying to do this and go nowhere.

I was always trying to keep up with the best of them and severely got left behind. And I only had myself to blame.

I was the QUEEN of wearing a guise and trying to be ‘better’ than I actually was, whether that was romantically or financially…

I was consistently pretending to be someone I wasn’t, pretending I didn’t care what people thought of me.

How do you get over this?

Accept where you are now.

So if you have to own up to the fact that you’re struggling, you’re overwhelmed or you’ve never sold anything, OWN IT!

And we will praise you highly for your bravery to own your current situation.

Because its your certainty that sells.

Your business thrives on your self belief.


You move forward fast when you can get your energy behind something, and that is FULLY accepting where you are now and taking consistent aligned action.

Because by accepting you ALLOW yourself to show up authentically…

And why is authenticity SO FUCKING CRUCIAL in this game?

Not just because of integrity…

But because when you aren’t true…. we can smell that bullshit a mile off.

People will not resonate with you.

And if they do, they too will be phoney's, bad payers and time wasters.

When you fully step into who the fuck you are, they will come.

You automatically attract your soul tribe when you get really fucking real with yourself.

So drop the ‘should's’, they are not serving anyone.

Do this YOUR way.

Show up YOUR way.

Teach YOUR way.

Because its soooo much fun when you truly own who you are and you’re attracting an incredible audience of people saying to you “How are you reading my mind?!! I need you in my life!!”

When you have the confidence and the self belief to do that, we will highly praise you.

Because your business thrives on your self belief.

And I’ve created a free training video to show you how to BELIEVE in yourself like a fucking GAME changer, so you can claim your space online and be unforgettable to your clients.

Receive your free training here!

Claim your free gift here!

Much love! 

Roz Ware

Business Mindset Coach


The Entrepreneurial Goddess Group


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