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Unleashed On The Full Moon!

This magazine is medicine. It is what every girl and woman should be reading in today's world. This shift needs to happen and it starts with you. It is my heart's goal to make this magazine as authentic as possible. As high vibration as possible, centered around self-love and self-empowerment and sharing the magic and medicine that women carry around the globe.

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Commitment not your thing?

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ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising,Snow Moon

Let out your ROAR Goddess! Shake out your wild mane and get your feral ass, a cup of coffee to sit down and enjoy this wild ride!

Another issue of ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising is Unleashed!

Enjoy the power of the Full Moon also known as the Snow Moon.

The Full Moon is a beautiful time to release and let go of what no longer serves you Goddess.

To take time for self-care and nourish your soul. This magazine will help you do exactly that. With women around the world sharing their intimate knowledge and life experiences.

One Sister, to another.

This Moon We Dive Into
Snow Moon Energy / Letting the Moon Guide You Into Self-Love / Call for Balance with Equinox for Changemakers / International Women's Day /Awakening My Essence / Learning To Love The Skin I am In / The Divine Feminine App, Finding Your Sacred Circle /The Modern Day Goddess /Calling on Lilith / 4 Ways To Not Take Things Personal / Wise Woman /Lean Into Fear / You Solar Forecast

With SO much Love and Excitement, enjoy this beautiful Full Moon Sister.

I see you, I honor you

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Much Love & Aloha